SpitFire Enterprise
Predictive, Fixed Rate, Preview, Quick Connect & Manual Dialer
Inbound & Outbound Predictive Dialer with Unlimited Lines. Fully Blended. User-Friendly. Cost-Effective.
SEP is a powerful software package that offers all the tools you need to launch blended inbound and outbound call center campaigns. This Enterprise system has 5 dialing modes: Predictive, Fixed Rate, Quick Connect, Preview & Manual.
Using a pre-loaded list of numbers, SEP quickly and automatically places outbound calls and connects the answered calls to available agents. SEP monitors the call center volume and time per call, intelligently adjusting its dial rate to minimize the time your agents spend waiting between conversations.
Our predictive dialer also allows the dialing campaign manager to manually increase and decrease the amount of inbound and outbound calls on the fly, optimizing call center productivity every day.  
Browser-Based. Flexible. Easy to Use. User-friendly Call Center Software: Easy to Install, Operate, and Upgrade.

SEP Screen Shots

Camp 5-thumb campview2-thumb Camp 2-thumb Agent Act4-thumb
Because we develop our software in-house, SpitFire is able to offer the most cost effective and fully featured enterprise edition dialer on the market. SEP is a browser-based application, meaning your call center manager can login from any computer on the network. The SpitFire Enterprise system can be used in multiple modes:
Predictive Dialer

The SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign's average call time and other statistical information. Campaigns settings are designed to comply with state and federal regulations.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect allows your agents to log into a campaign with a one-to-one dial ratio. This option is great for B2B environment because the agent is connected on every call eliminating dropped calls.

Fixed Dialing

Fixed Dialing gives your call center manager the power to manually set the volume of calls. The software will then automatically dial a predetermined number of lines per agent. Fixed dialing is ideal for political campaigns, charity campaigns, and other situations drop call ratios are not a factor.

Preview Dialing

Preview Dialing allows the agent to view the information in the contact record and decide to dial or snooze the call.  Preview dialing is often used in collections campaigns.

SEP is a fully blended call center solution that supports unlimited lines, agents, and campaigns. Its greatest strength is in its flexibility: multiple campaigns can be set up, viewed, and changed with the click of a button. With easy options for customization, data and dispositions can be catered to each campaign. In addition to our user-friendly interface, SEP highlights full customer data and combines multiple campaigns on one screen. All the information your agents need is accessible at a glance, freeing their energy to focus on what matters: the calls.

Manual Dialing

SEP allows agents to pause a campaign and switch into a manual dial mode.  The agent enters a telephone number on the agent application and the dialer will place the call.

Keep It Simple with SpitFire Integrated Call Center Software

Our greatest priority is making your call center run smoothly, and we do that by developing software that is intuitive and easily integrated with your current systems. SEP works seamlessly with most CRM applications, phone systems and long distance carriers, making it the simplest and most cost-effective solution for your call center.

System Features:

  • Fully Blended Outbound and Inbound Calling with DNIS Routing
  • Predictive Dialing
  • Fixed Rate Dialing
  • Quick Connect Dialing
  • Preview Dialing
  • Manual Dialing
  • Premised Based or Hosted
  • Manual Dialing
  • Works with SIP, PRI, T1 or Analog Lines
  • Unlimited Campaigns Lines
  • Unlimited Lines
  • Ulimited Agents
  • Unlimited Lists
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Unlimited Dispositions
  • Caller ID based on campaign
  • Automatic email by disposition
  • Email recording by disposition
  • List Priority & Stacking
  • Change lists by number of appointments set
  • Unlimited No Call lists
  • Export Data- New List, Existing List or Text File
  • Alternate Number Dialing
  • Automatic Disposition Based Redialing
  • Browser-based Manager and Supervisor Interfaces
  • Unlimited Workgroups
  • CRM Integration- Windows or Browser Based
  • Microsoft SQL Database
  • Built in DNC Management
  • TTS- text to speech add-on
  • CNI- Cell Number Identification Scrubbing

SEP Agent Features:

  • Agent-to-Agent Call Transfer with Data Transfer
  • Third Party Transfer with Conference Option
  • Pop Scripting Per Campaign
  • URL Pop Screens Per Campaign
  • Agent Assignment to Skill Groups
  • Agents Can Log into Multiple Campaigns
  • Print Record
  • Call Back Scheduling with Phone Number Choice
  • Preview Call Back with snooze option
  • Agent Recording on demand
  • Role-based Users for Limiting or Expanding Feature Access
  • Agent Wrap Up
  • Zip Tone
  • Alternate Number Dialing on Demand
  • Dynamic Agent Extension Login

SEP Manager Features:

  • Live Browser Based Statistics for Campaigns, Lists, Agents
  • Call Recording, Monitoring, and Whisper Coaching
  • Comprehensive Reports Including Sales Amounts
  • Campaigns can be dynamically changed during session
  • Time Zone Management
  • Call Back Manager- Reassign & Reschedule Callbacks
  • Preview Callbacks
  • Export Callbacks
  • Throttle Manager- Control Dial Ratio
  • Clone campaigns
  • List Rework by Disposition

Text-to-speech (TTS) Add-on

SpitFire Text to Speech (TTS) option allows you to personalize your automated message by converting database information into a friendly voice.  A powerful tool for appointment reminders, merchandise pick-up reminders, deliveries, payment reminders, collections, emergency notifications, and so much more! TTS can be used on both live answers as well as voicemails. Significantly reduce your no shows and quickly send notifications using TTS technology. 
Example Appointment Reminder Message : This message is for TTS-Sandy Smith”. You are scheduled for an appointment with TTS- “Dr. Robert Reynolds”on TTS-Monday”, TTS-January 21st” at TTS-3pm”.  To confirm your appointment press 1 or if you wish to reschedule press 9.”
Both English and Spanish voices.  Click on the names below to listen to TTS demos.
Allison 75Callie 75Diane 75David 75Alejandra 74

 Why is SEP an award-winning predictive dialer system? You be the judge. See a LIVE DEMO!





























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