SpitFire IPBX
Phone System

 Easy to use, scalable, and reliable.

SpitFire SPBX is an affordable communication solution for small to medium-sized businesses. SPBX is built on market-proven commercial technologies and delivers enterprise-class features.
This powerful software supports branch locations, satellite offices, as well as remote extensions. SPBX saves money for small and medium-sized businesses by utilizing VoIP service providers and conducting conference calls in-house rather than using expensive third party providers. 
The Next Step in Business Phone Systems. Affordable, User-Friendly Communication Solutions by SpitFire
SPBX is the easiest business phone system on the market to own, setup, and maintain.
Our system connects multiple incoming phone lines to multiple telephone extensions, dramatically increasing the efficiency of your sales staff. More advanced SPBX editions can manage many call center campaigns both for outbound and inbound calling from small business to large scale call center environments.

SPBX Features:

  • Hybrid-Hosted (Multiple Main Branch)
  • Instant Telecommuting
  • Branch Office Capable
  • Advanced Call Center Features
  • Find Me Anywhere
  • Multiple Automated Attendants
  • Use VoIP, PSTN, or Both
  • Web-Based Setup & Configuration
  • Conference Bridges
  • Graphical Call Reporting
  • Call Recording Tools
  • Free Worldwide Calling via trixNet
  • Drag 'n Drop Call Routing


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