SIP Single Network with Recording



The Recording server requires a managed switch with the ability to perform reliable port mirroring.

For example:
Dialer plugged into Port 1
Recorder plugged into port 2

Your Switch would be configured to take all traffic in and out of port 1 and send it to port 2 as well.  The recording server then takes the SIP and RTP traffic and records it.

The Following Ports must be forward as follows:
UDP 5060  - Global OutSide > Dialer Inside
UDP 49152 – Upper Port – Global OutSide > Dialer Inside
The Upper Port can be found by take your licensed number of ports multiplied by 2 plus 49152.

Example of 50 port Dialer:
49152 + (50 x 2) = 49252
Upper Port = 49252

Layer 3 switch