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Why get stuck making monthly payments and never owning?

Get FlexPay Predictive and Save.

Looking for a Predictive Dialing Solution that makes sense and doesn't break the bank? Why get stuck with endless monthly charges, hidden fees, no choice in long distance providers and less control over your expenses? SpitFire is now offering an exclusive FlexPay Predictive Program that beats any hosted dialing solution.

The question is do you really want to keep paying for something you can own after just 12 months? The numbers tell the story: with FlexPay Predictive you not only own the solution but you save thousands of dollars over hosted dialers.

Hosted vs FlexPay Monthly

Number of Agents





Hosted Cost Per Month





FlexPay Predictive Average Per Agent





FlexPay Predictive Savings Per Month





Hosted vs FlexPay 1 Year

Number of Agents





12 Months Hosted





12 Months FlexPay & You Own!





FlexPay Savings! And You Own!





This model only represents year 1! Our FlexPay program will SAVE you almost 23% the first year and you OWN the SpitFire Enterprise Software after the 12 months.

FlexPay Predictive: A better way to dial!

SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialers, solutions that deliver. Now you can pay a low monthly fee and own the entire solution after 12 months. No obligations, no contracts, pay month-to-month until you decide. In addition, you can buy the SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialer at any time and SAVE MORE!

What do customers say about SpitFire?

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The Spitfire system is a wonderful piece of technology... Very easy to use, efficient and has everything you need to generate business AND train your people to improve while on the phone. Best part about working with them is the customer service. For companies like ours that are not very technologically inclined, having their customer service team available to answer questions and troubleshoot has been WONDERFUL and a must. How good of a job do they do for us: As we've grown our business over the last 5 years, we've bought 3 dialers from them as we have expanded and another dialer is on the way... Great job guys! 

Nate Smith
Marketing Manager

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