T1 Flat Provisioning

Model Number D240SC-T1, D/240PCI-T1
Framing Type D4 Super frame (not extended SuperFrame)
Interface DSX-1
T-1 Signaling Robbed bit
Supervisory Signal 2- or 4- wire E&M
Timing Loop timing
Internal Clock Stratum Level Stratum 4
T-Span support Full (24 timeslots)
Voice coding PCM
Channel order 24-Jan
Wink Wink and double wink
Other equipment CSU - required in most cases when connecting to public
T-1 network.
DSU - usually not required
CSU-to-D240SC-T1 Cable must be provided by customer
Application Considerations/Requirements
Line coding/Framing AMI/Super frame
Digit Signaling DTMF or MF
ANI/DNIS (DID) Application needs to know the following:
Digit signaling - DTMF or MF
What signal to send to the CO to indicate we're ready to receive the digit string - usually wink.
The format of the incoming ANI/DID string
Signaling Protocol Application needs to know signaling for the following:
Incoming call
Line drop
Inbound pickup (accept call)
Outbound pickup (seize line to make call)
Wink Definition Get both Transmit and Receive Wink definitions from your T-1 provider