Remote Agents

Stand Alone Environment

(Definition: SpitFire Enterprise Predictive (SEP) is setup in a typical network behind a firewall/router/modem)

Remote agents require a VPN for voice traffic between the agent(s) and the SEP Server. Port forwarding DOES NOT WORK in this environment because of the incomplete routing and/or Network Address Traversal (NAT) breaks the SIP/RTP traffic.

Software VPN’s are not recommended due to changes that occur in VPN software.

Integrated Environments

(Definition: SEP is setup to connect to another device to pass calls, typically a phone system, either IP or PSTN based)

Integrated enviroments allow VPN or port forwarding for data traffic. In these cases, voice traffic is handled through the integration and is not handled by SEP. Only the agent data needs to be addressed by either a VPN or port forwarding through the firewall/router.

NOTE: Customers are responsible for VPN setup and troublshooting. OPC Marketing, Inc. DOES NOT setup or troubleshoot or support VPN’s.


USB Headset with softphone software 


USB Headset with softphone software (i.e., Zoiper - free download)
Or, Integrate to IP Phone System