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There are two options currently for integrating the SpitFire Enterprise Predictive (SEP) Software to CRM applications on the Agent’s Screen.
Windows-based CRM applications- A “Keystroke Command” can be used to look up existing customer records in the CRM automatically when the call is connected to the Agent, and/ or give the agent the ability to create new records in the CRM with a single mouse-click. This can also be used to update existing records in the CRM.
Web-based CRM applications- A Query String” command to look up existing records, and a “Keystroke” command to create new records/update records.
Keystroke Commands for Windows-based CRMs
A sequence of keystrokes (Macro) can be sent to a Windows application when the call is sent to the Agent. This can be used for an automatic lookup or to create a new record and update existing records in a Windows-based application on the Agent screen. This option is a custom-written macro our Programmers will provide, after data fields are identified and specified. The CRM must be capable of using a “keystroke” command to perform functions, such as a “Ctrl+S” for Save.
URL Query String Commands for Web-based CRMs
A “URL Query string” can be sent when the live call is transferred to the Agent. This is the data that is sent to the Agent with the call. When an Agent gets a call, the agent application opens up the URL specified in the dialing script at the server.
Also, the Agent software adds the following parameters to the URL request:

?Agentname=Name of Agent
&AgentID=Agent ID
&CustomerID =Customer ID
&Name= Client Name
&Firstname= First Name
&Lastname= Last Name
&Company= Company
&Address= Address
&City= City
&State= State
&Country= Country
&ZipCode= Zipcode
&VoicePhone= VoicePhone
&SecVoicePhone= Secvoicephone
&CellPhone= CellPhone
&FaxPhone= FaxPhone
&Email= Client’s Email
&ClientID=Client Record’s ID
&CampaignName=Name of Campaign
&ListName=Name of DialingList
&Disposition=Name of the disposition, if present

The URL also contains the Custom fields assigned to that campaign in the same format. To create new records and update existing records in the CRM, a “Keystroke” macro will also need to be written. Enterprise Dialer software already integrates with many popular CRM programs similar to ACT and Salesforce, as well as many others. However, depending on the CRM software, we may need to test the application to make sure that it can interface.