SEP up to 30 agents- SIP

Dialer Server

CPU – Intel Core i7 6th Gen or higher
RAM – 16 GB or higher
NIC Card – (2) 100/1000 (2nd card needed if integrating to SIP PBX and Carrier separately.)
Hard Drive – 120+ GB free space
OS – Windows Server 2012 or Higher
SQL – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard or SQL Server 2012 Standard – up to 10GB
For 10GB file sizes and over, must run SQL on separate server
No Laptops

SQL Server (Max 60 outbound ports)

CPU – Intel i5 or higher
RAM – 8 GB or higher
NIC Card – 10/100 Hard Drive – 100 GB 

Agent Workstations

Minimum Requirements - Additional applications on agent station may degrade system performance.

Intel Core i3 Processor or higher 
Windows 7 Pro or higher
4GB RAM or higher
NIC Card 100/1000
Hard Drive – 40+ GB free space
.Net 3.5 SP1 & .Net 4.6.2 (free download at )
Agent screen resolution min – 1024 x 768
Manager screen resolution min – 1280 x 1024


USB Headset with softphone software (i.e., Zoiper- free download)
Or, Integrate to IP Phone System

SIP Trunks

100kbps dedicated Bandwidth up and down per line (not DSL) One Static IP Address


The network will need to be evaluated by a SpitFire solutions engineer for configuratiion requirements. If agents are logging in from a remote location outside of the internal network, a VPN will be necessary from the dialer server.

* The above recommendations are based on a standard 2 line per agent ratio. Additional lines or features may require different hardware specifications.