Web Agent Requirements

Requirements for SpitFire Web Agent w/WebRTC

  • IIS 7.5 or greater
  • TCP Ports 80, 443, 8080-8090, and 61052 forwarded on a static IP to the dialer system
    • For added security white list the IP’s that can connect on these policies.
    • STUN protocol allowed for 49152-49XXX
  • FQDN SSL Certificate. Can be a subdomain eg, dialer.company.com
    • Cannot be a self-signed certificate, needs to be from a CA
    • Need .pfx, and .crt files for certificate
    • .crt should be a CA Certificate file
    • .pfx can be exported from another IIS install and set with a password
    • .pfx password
  • DNS set for FQDN/Subdomain to be pointed to dialer
    • A record added for FQDN/Subdomain