Heller Group Review

We purchased the Spitfire Pro Several years ago and it has worked great for our call center, with the versatility of having remote agents using VoIP and on site makes this system one of the best out there on the market.

We are able to use the system for outbound calling and do third party transfers without dropping any calls and perform manual call backs while remaining logged into the system.


The Support that OPC-Marketing provides to us is outstanding, they are available when making changes to the network and always stay on top of updates when needed.The Spitfire Pro system has worked so well that we have upgraded to their Enterprise system and with all the new features and options this system to me is even better than the Spitfire Pro.

My recommendation is take a look at the others but once you do your comparisons you will find that OPC-Marketing is the company you want to buy from, not only because of the product features but because of the support they provide to their customers.

Moses Garcia, Heller Group Houston, TX