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Having used predictive dialers since back in the day when T-1 Service was required for dial-tone connection and dialer servers were rack mounted with a PBX for connection to dial-tone all of this equipment at unbelievably high costs for the sake of doing business have certainly changed .

Remember when telephone bills come in boxes delivered off the truck with a hand cart or a pallet made looking into the SpitFire Dialer worth something to take the time and research.

Having found the SpitFire Predictive Dialer solution was not surreal this software is very user friendly and extremely cost effective as well as delivering a big bang for the buck to a point it makes the cost of doing business less expensive hence yielding more profits especially during times like today where doing smart business and cutting back costs means more profits.

Clould base dialing is a waste of time they give you four lines agent but there is no way of actually telling that being true because most of what goes on with the cloud is in the cloud and cannot be seen.

I personally like the SpitFire Predictive Dialer system far better than any clould based service that I've used over the past six years.... With SpitFire I've been able to achieve goals with my business that I know using a cloud just wouldn't have made it possible. I like the user friendly software and report look-up are very easy to use. For me personally it's about the connect rate and nothing more as a matter of preference this software is for me I could care less about the over exaggerated bells and whistles that other companies offer SpitFire has it all they just make it simple and it's my number one choice of dialers.

Matt Famighette
Licensed Contractor
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