Michael is the President and CEO at SpitFire Dialer Solutions. 

He made a name for himself in 1984 as the co-founder of CompUSA: the first retailer to carry consumer electronics, technology products, and computer services in over 100 computer superstores. He went on to open the first wireless cell phone superstore, Cellular World, and then the integrated superstore, Communications Expo, which broke ground as the only retailer of its time including computers, all carriers, and an internet cafe. It's no surprise that Michael was named whiz kid by Forbes Magazine in 1999 and has lived up to his reputation as an innovator in the technology and consumer electronic industries ever since.

In 1999, Michael co-founded OPC Marketing as a vehicle to develop the first affordable call center dialer on the market. Since the first SpitFire product was first released, Michael hasn't stopped improving and adapting the software to reflect the latest technological advancements. He is passionate about being the low price leader in all he does, taking the advantage from big companies and giving it back to small businesses. It's rare that Michael has not personally interacted with a SpitFire customer, making him a hands-on business owner that strives to continually understand the needs of every business he serves.



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