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Why Are Call Centers Moving Away From Cloud Based Predictive Dialing?

If you are shopping for predictive dialer software and you are undecided on whether you should choose a hosted/cloud based enviroment or a premise based call center solution you must read this! Here are our top 4 things to consider when deciding between hosted and premise based software.

Cost.Typical hosted systems charge $150-$185 per agent per month forever. Our one-time software cost is $650 per agent break-even is 4-6 months.

After purchase, your monthly costs would be a fraction of what hosted would cost (just your phone bills, which typically average around $20-$40 per agent per month, and that is based on full-time usage!). Long-term, owning makes much more financial sense than paying monthly.

Control.With cloud-based you have no control over their choice of carrier, bandwidth, or call limitations. And many hosted dialers actually LIMIT your bandwidth and the amount of calls you are allowed to make, and if you exceed this limit, they charge a surcharge. They also limit the number of records you can import per agent and how many recordings you can store.

With our on-premise solution, there is no limit to the number of calls you can make. There is no limit to the amount of data you can load in. You control your own system. You choose the Carrier (Phone Service Provider) you want. You can see exactly what the dialer is doing, how many calls, etc.

Security.Why trust sending your sensitive customer data over the internet to a website that can be hacked? You have no control over their security.

With owning your dialer, you can keep your customer data secure, behind your firewall. This is a major concern these days, with all the hackers invading web-based applications.  Have the best of both worlds with SpitFire Enterprise as our manager is browser based allowing campaigns to be accessed from anywhere on your LAN while keeping your data secure.

Customization.Cloud-based applications don’t have the flexibility to respond to customer’s individual needs. In fact, when agents are web-based they are not able to integrate with Windows CRM’s. Cloud based is a one-size-fits-all solution limiting the different types of integration in the vast call center environments.

SpitFire Enterprise integrates with both web-based and Windows CRM’s.  Our on-site Programmers and Engineers are persistently developing SEP, creating new features and functionality. The majority of our latest developments have been customer-driven.
Your call center can depend on SpitFire Enterprise to be reliable! The SEP software is a .Net application using a SQL database. 





SpitFire Enterprise
Predictive, Fixed Rate, Preview, Quick Connect & Manual Dialer
Inbound & Outbound Predictive Dialer with Unlimited Lines. Fully Blended. User-Friendly. Cost-Effective.
SEP is a powerful software package that offers all the tools you need to launch blended inbound and outbound call center campaigns. This Enterprise system has 5 dialing modes: Predictive, Fixed Rate, Quick Connect, Preview & Manual.
Using a pre-loaded list of numbers, SEP quickly and automatically places outbound calls and connects the answered calls to available agents. SEP monitors the call center volume and time per call, intelligently adjusting its dial rate to minimize the time your agents spend waiting between conversations.
 SpitFire X
 Auto Dialer
User-friendly Call Center Software: Easy to Install, Operate, and Upgrade.
Fully Featured. User-Friendly. Affordable. Our Reliable Award-Winning Auto Dialer from SpitFire.
SPX is our award-winning voice message software that automatically dials telephone numbers and plays a recorded message to your prospects, customers, partners, constituents, or community.
Whether your message is a fundraising or political campaign, appointment notification, special promotion, or sales initiative, SPX communicates high priority information faster than any dialer on the market.  
SpitFire IPBX
Phone System

 Easy to use, scalable, and reliable.

SpitFire SPBX is an affordable communication solution for small to medium-sized businesses. SPBX is built on market-proven commercial technologies and delivers enterprise-class features.
This powerful software supports branch locations, satellite offices, as well as remote extensions. SPBX saves money for small and medium-sized businesses by utilizing VoIP service providers and conducting conference calls in-house rather than using expensive third party providers. 
The Next Step in Business Phone Systems. Affordable, User-Friendly Communication Solutions by SpitFire
SPBX is the easiest business phone system on the market to own, setup, and maintain.

What do customers say about SpitFire?

star ratings

The Spitfire system is a wonderful piece of technology... Very easy to use, efficient and has everything you need to generate business AND train your people to improve while on the phone. Best part about working with them is the customer service. For companies like ours that are not very technologically inclined, having their customer service team available to answer questions and troubleshoot has been WONDERFUL and a must. How good of a job do they do for us: As we've grown our business over the last 5 years, we've bought 3 dialers from them as we have expanded and another dialer is on the way... Great job guys! 

Nate Smith
Marketing Manager


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