SpitFire Autodialer

Fully Featured. User-Friendly. Affordable. Our Reliable Award-Winning Auto Dialer from SpitFire.
SPX is our award-winning voice message software that automatically dials telephone numbers and plays a recorded message to your prospects, customers, partners, constituents, or community.
Whether your message is a fundraising or political campaign, appointment notification, special promotion, or sales initiative, SPX communicates high priority information faster than any dialer on the market. 
When you need to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time, our affordable dialer software makes the process simple and organized. At a low one-time cost that every company can afford, SpitFire Auto Dialer is the simple solution for broadcasting big messages at low costs. SPX's™ intuitive user interface allows call center managers to run, monitor, and record multiple calling campaigns at once. Integrating seamlessly with any phone provider and any connectivity, SpitFire dialers don't require a big IT department to set up.

We don't expect your business to fit in a box, and that's why our campaign interface is designed for easy customization. Campaigns are a snap to set up, manage, and customize on the fly. We pride ourselves on offering the most reliable dialer on the market, and since it's all developed right here in Addison, Texas, we're able to keep our pricing significantly lower than the competition.

SPX Features: 

  • Different messages for live answers and answering machines

  • Personalize messages with Text-to-Speech option

  • Key responses and transfer to live agents

  • Alternate number dialing

  • Time-zone sensitive

  • Automatic redialing busies and no answers

  • Multiple campaigns with large list sizes

  • Conduct surveys and polls perfect for Political Campaigning!

  • Records voice responses and sends copy by email

  • Campaign pre-scheduling and queuing

  • Query-based dialing

  • Integrates with phone systems, or runs standalone

  • Comprehensive reports and data on all calls and results

  • Fully Do-Not-Call compliant

  • Built-in script recording and editing


Intuitive. Flexible. Easy to Use.

User-friendly Call Center Software: Easy to Install, Operate, and Upgrade.

SPX award-winning voice messaging system. You be the judge. Sign up for a live demo of SPX!



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