About Us

The Story

The Philosophy

Our mission is simple. We strive to offer the most flexible, easy to use and maintain call center products using the latest technology. Exceptional customer service and technical support are our highest priority: we seek to develop long term customer relationships through a staff of friendly experts ready to help support you and your team.

The Difference

Our difference is in our people. OPC Marketing was founded in 1999 by Michael Henochowicz, co-founder of CompUSA, and Erin Mullen.  OPC Marketing fills a void in the call center industry:  priority support and fully integrated software solutions for every business for a fraction of the cost. Our team of executives, developers, sales and tech support staff working under the same roof in Addison, Texas. Every OPC Marketing operation starts and ends in the same building from the development of our software to its delivery and support. That tight-knit collaborative environment is the key to exceptional customer support: our people are the most friendly, transparent, and accessible in the industry.

We know that utilizing fully integrated, easy-to-use call center software is a critical tool for growing your business. Our continued product development insures that your company will stay at the forefront of call center technology. Our focus on custom solutions allows your agents to work at maximum productivity. OPC Marketing is dedicated to helping you:

  • Increase sales
  • Grow revenue & profits
  • Reduce overhead
  • Integrate current hardware & software applications

With a track record of serving thousands of global businesses for over a decade, OPC Marketing continually delivers competitive prices and unmatched personal support. Our customers tell it best: read our raving fan testimonials to learn the OPC Marketing difference.

The Team

Michael Henochowicz

Michael Henochowicz

Michael is the President and CEO at SpitFire Dialer Solutions. 

He made a name for himself in 1984 as the co-founder of CompUSA: the first retailer to carry consumer electronics, technology products, and computer services in over 100 computer superstores. He went on to open the first wireless cell phone superstore, Cellular World, and then the integrated superstore, Communications Expo, which broke ground as the only retailer of its time including computers, all carriers, and an Internet cafe. It's no surprise that Michael was named whiz kid by Forbes Magazine in 1999 and has lived up to his reputation as an innovator in the technology and consumer electronic industries ever since.

In 1999, Michael co-founded OPC Marketing as a vehicle to develop the first affordable call center dialer on the market. Since the first SpitFire product was first released, Michael hasn't stopped improving and adapting the software to reflect the latest technological advancements. He is passionate about being the low price leader in all he does, taking the advantage from big companies and giving it back to small businesses. It's rare that Michael has not personally interacted with a SpitFire customer, making him a hands-on business owner that strives to continually understand the needs of every business he serves.

Erin Mullen

Erin Mullen

Erin is the Chief Operations Officer at SpitFire Dialer Solutions. Erin is the Chief Operations Officer at SpitFire Dialer Solutions. She is the co-founder of SpitFire Software, LLC and its parent company, OPC Marketing, Inc. as well as a co-founder of a real estate dialer service, Home Audio Tour, LLC.

As OPC's chief operating officer, Erin is responsible for operational leadership of sales, advertising, and product development. In addition, Erin manages support organizations, including product and customer support services.

5 star review

Warren Henochowicz

Warren is the Sr VP of Tech Support. He brings a wealth of experience to the table as the past On-Site Installation and Training Specialist for Touchstar Software since 2000. Prior to joining Touchstar Software, Warren managed activation teams for the first nationwide activator of cellular phones, Cellular World, and later for the electronics superstore, Expo Communications. Working in the technology industry since 1995 and the call center industry since 2001, Warren loves being part of the engine that moves technology forward. Warren has provided over 4,000 SpitFire product demonstrations, and each time he conveys new excitement over how far the product has come in features and functionality. Warren takes pride in SpitFire's amazing team and their shared commitment to providing excellent service and customer support. He believes in the product and the technology that he represents and thrives on sharing that passion with everyone he interacts with.

5 star review

Mike Feeney

Mike Feeney is the principal of Call Centre Magic Ltd and has split his working life between Australia and New Zealand. He has worked in a number of industries, including Finance, Direct Marketing, Data and Mail Processing, Database design and sales and Telecommunications and Call Centres. His appointment as the Manager of Sydney branch of HFC Finance in the mid-80s (the pilot branch out of 120 branches nationally at the time for the conversion from manual to computerised operations) and subsequent role as Computer Training Manager (NSW) gave him a early introduction to the glories and benefits of computerisation and its productivity benefits. A position as Business Development Manager (Qld) for the then Datamail saw him secure five of the six major mailers in that state over just 2 1/2 years, resulting in the mechanisation and computerisation of their previously manual-based mailing operation. This process was repeated in Auckland where Mike, initially as Business Development Manager and subsequently as General Manager, Marketing and IT at Western Mailing, built the data processing and laser printing side of the business from scratch, personally writing the necessary postcode allocation, de-duplication, upper and lower casing and laser prep programmes required to drive the business. In 1993, he also personally wrote JobTrac, moving the company from manual job bags to a fully integrated client and job tracking and production scheduling system now in use by over 15 Australasian mailing houses. Mike was at this time voted Chairman of the Auckland branch of the New Zealand Direct Marketing Association by his peers, a position he held for three years. After a move back to Australia in '97, Mike secured a position with a Brisbane-based call centre automation company that was just starting to commercialise its own home-grown suite of call centre automation products, build around its predictive dialler offering. Out of three State representatives, Mike was the stand-out, responsible for sales into over 50 sites over this time. For personal reasons Mike moved back to New Zealand at the start of 2005 where he took over responsibility not only for that market but also the Eastern states of Australia. Due to a changing competitive environment, in January, 2006 Mike independently researched the market, identified OPC Marketing's Spitfire Predictive Dialler as the most cost-effective, fully featured and simple to operate dialler on the market and flew to Dallas to secure the Australasian rights to the product. Call Centre Magic now has sites in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Gosford, Adelaide, Auckland and Christchurch, with each new installation confirming his initial view that the Spitfire was an absolute winner...