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Cell Number Identification Scrubber

Cell Number Identification (CNI) Scrubber, your real-time solution to cell phone scrubbing.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) has implemented new cell phone regulations as of October 16th 2013. FCC fines are $16,000 per violation. If you do not have prior written consent you can't afford not to use the CNI solution.

SpitFire Enterprise CNI scrubber interface identifies cell numbers real-time and sends back a result code to SpitFire Enterprise Dialer not to dial the number.

The CNI solution is a third party service provided by VoxTeleSys. SpitFire Enterprise integrates directly with Voxtelsys CNI service to keep your contact center compliant in real-time while you dial. Now it’s easier than ever to meet TCPA regulations. Stop risking hefty FCC fines and comply with TCPA regulations on-the-fly with Vox CNI. Fill in the form for more information.

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Dynamic Caller ID

A Dynamic Caller ID system gives call centers the power of Local Caller ID. What could possibly be added to Caller ID that could earn the name dynamic? We use Local Caller ID every day. It’s simple. Why would we want it to be “dynamic?” That, too, is simple. Most of us don’t like to be surprised, even if the reason for the surprise is celebratory.  Anything that startles us—whether it’s a sudden clap of thunder or walking into a darkened room that erupts into light and the sound of 30 people yelling “Happy Birthday!”—can trigger a fight-or-flight response, unleashing a spike of adrenaline that courses through the body even after the threat has been identified and nullified. We take countless measures to reduce surprises in our lives, from checking the weather forecast, to planning driving routes. The more information we have, the better equipped we are to deal with what the world tosses our way. This inclination toward being in control is partly why  Before Local Caller ID, you usually answered the phone without any idea who was calling you. It’s one reason we still answer the phone asking, “Hello?” even when we know exactly who is on the other end of the line.

A Brief History of Caller ID

While the innovation may seem relatively recent within the extensive history of telecommunication, the history of Caller ID dates back almost 50 years, with inventors such as Theodore Paraskevakos of Greece, Kazuo Hashimoto of Japan, and Carolyn Doughty of the U.S.  among the first to develop and patent systems that identified the number of the caller to the recipient. When Local Caller ID was first rolled out commercially in the 1980s, the system worked by sending a tiny package of data from the telephone exchange to your phone’s Caller ID box. The package was delivered in a sound transmitted after the first ring. So, if you answered the phone too quickly, you wouldn’t see the Caller’s number.  The Caller ID box was a primitive modem that decoded the parts of that sound signal and converted them into the phone number that would appear on the display. This technological advance ushered in a new era of telephone transparency. Caller ID reduced the element of surprise that accompanied every incoming call. This also made it very difficult to avoid your mother’s phone calls

What is Dynamic Caller ID?

Unlike traditional Caller ID systems, Dynamic Caller ID allows call centers to customize the information each recipient sees when they receive a call. Anyone who has seen TOLL-FREE NUMBER or UNKNOWN CALLER appear on their phone screen knows how quickly those calls are typically declined. This is why call centers seek the ability to provide Local Caller ID. A Dynamic Caller ID system gives you the power to choose to display a number that uses a local area code instead of your business’ toll-free 800 number. This provides the same power as Local Caller ID. Call centers can upload and securely store their customer contact lists within their provider’s calling line identification server. The server cross-checks the area codes in the list and provisions new local numbers the call center’s auto dialer or PBX uses to make a local connection with customers. Because, when it comes to outbound sales, the advantage goes to the home team.

No Spoofing!

With the power of Dynamic Caller ID and Local Caller ID comes great responsibility. With the power to display any message and number using any of your outbound numbers, you have the game-changing ability to achieve local presence.  However, the Federal Communications Commission keeps a close eye on this sector, and states clearly: "No person or entity in the United States shall, with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value, knowingly cause, directly or indirectly, any caller identification service to transmit or display misleading or inaccurate caller identification information.”  You and your business should be sticklers for compliance. There is no surprise more unwelcome than the FCC showing up at your door with fraud charges and penalties. Is Dynamic Caller ID a functionality that’s missing in your call center?

Support Services

Our difference is in our people. Not only does SpitFire provide the most cutting edge call center technology.

We have the best team in the industry. Our developers, sales team, and support staff work side by side in Addison, Texas to deliver the most attentive and transparent service to our customers. When support staff and developers sit side by side, real solutions are always in reach.

Wherever you are, our support staff is right there with you. SpitFire support begins prior to installation with a pre-install appointment with a SpitFire expert technician followed by extensive online training. Your call center will be setup and ready to launch a winning campaign. All SpitFire products come with one year of free support. Technical support renewal includes product upgrades and database maintenance free of charge. When you call on SpitFire support, we are there to make sure you're successful.

We are accessible by phone, chat, and email for immediate technical support. Whether you're at work, at home, or on the road, our advanced SOS SpitFire Online Support gets technicians right inside your computer to work their magic through remote access. Prefer to do it yourself? Our Help Desk is available online 24/7 with a comprehensive online archive of tutorials and support articles at your fingertips. We do everything we can to give you easy, quick tools for overcoming technical hiccups in a flash. With our developers and support staff all under one roof, real solutions are always in reach with SpitFire.

Does your business fit in a box? We didn't think so. That's why SpitFire integrates with most PBX & CRMs.

We offer three services for your business to run SpitFire products: Hosted, Co-Located or Premise Based. Depending on the size and volume of your call center, we will help you select the option that is most productive and economical for your company.

SpitFire Agent Scripting

Need a cost effective way to get the most out of all your agents? Use our Agent Scripting service to enhance any campaign.

SpitFire can help to customize your agent scripts and develop the necesary HTML and CSS to bring the Agent Script to life. With our Agent Scripting Service you can ensure the success of all your calling campaigns and be sure your agents are delivering a consistent, effective message to all your customers, leads and prospects.

Do you already have predefined scripts and just need help integrating them into your SpitFire Dialers? We can provide the necesary customizations and HTML scripting to get the most out of your existing scripts. Leave nothing to chance and take advantage of this affordable service today.

Premium SIP Dialer Services


While SIP termination and call routing may be complex, your experience with it doesn’t have to be. At Voxtelesys, our SIP termination services feature a proprietary call routing infrastructure, enabling us to fully optimize your outbound call flows according to the most reliable and cost effective carrier routes at any given time. This ensures that your outbound calls always sound great, connect fast, stay reliable and don’t cost you a fortune – a rare combination that many others promise, but that few can truly deliver.

Our carrier-grade SIP termination services support G.711 and G.729 codecs, are fully redundant with 99.999% reliability, and offer an unparalleled level of integration power with your own dialer infrastructure and call platforms.

5 star review
The best part about your product isn't really about your product; its about the quality of your service. You back SpitFire up 100% with some of the best tech support I have ever dealt with. If I have an issue, your technicians resolve it easily, while being very polite.

-Joe, Lawn Care & Pest Control, Lee's Summit, MO-
5 star review
I really like the Enterprise system we have. We are pretty unique company with how we must manage our data and Spitfire has provided us with what we need! Any time I have run into an issue, the support has been right there to help me where they can!

-AmberLee, Home Windows Doors, Thorold, ON, CA-
5 star review
We have been a customer of OPC Marketing for over 10 years. Mike and his staff have been nothing less than a 10 on each and every project, upgrade and service. We highly recommend them if you are considering a change or an upgrade to your marketing system.

-Ron, Home Energy Efficiency Services, Longwood, FL-