SpitFire Call Center Software

OPC Marketing has installed and supported SpitFire Enterprise software in call centers worldwide since 1999.  Call centers utilizing the award winning SpitFire Enterprise software increased their contact rate by at least 300% compared to manual dialing. SpitFire Enterprise can integrate with your call centers existing CRM & PBX solutions.  SpitFire Enterprise is beneficial for both small to large call centers and is easily upgradable by adding agents as your business grows.

SpitFire Dialing Modes:

Because we develop our software in-house, SpitFire is able to offer the most cost effective and fully featured enterprise edition dialer on the market. SEP is a browser-based application, meaning your call center manager can login from any computer on the network. The SpitFire Enterprise system can be used in multiple modes:
Predictive Dialer

The SpitFire Enterprise Predictive Dialer utilizes sophisticated algorithms to speed up and slow down the call rate based on, number of available agents, number of available lines, the campaign's average call time and other statistical information. Campaigns settings are designed to comply with state and federal regulations.

Quick Connect

Quick Connect allows your agents to log into a campaign with a one-to-one dial ratio. This option is great for B2B environment because the agent is connected on every call eliminating dropped calls.

Fixed Dialing

Fixed Dialing gives your call center manager the power to manually set the volume of calls. The software will then automatically dial a predetermined number of lines per agent. Fixed dialing is ideal for political campaigns, charity campaigns, and other situations drop call ratios are not a factor.

Preview Dialing

Preview Dialing allows the agent to view the information in the contact record and decide to dial or snooze the call.  Preview dialing is often used in collections campaigns.

SEP is a fully blended call center solution that supports unlimited lines, agents, and campaigns. Its greatest strength is in its flexibility: multiple campaigns can be set up, viewed, and changed with the click of a button. With easy options for customization, data and dispositions can be catered to each campaign. In addition to our user-friendly interface, SEP highlights full customer data and combines multiple campaigns on one screen. All the information your agents need is accessible at a glance, freeing their energy to focus on what matters: the calls.

Manual Dialing

SEP allows agents to pause a campaign and switch into a manual dial mode.  The agent enters a telephone number on the agent application and the dialer will place the call.