T1 PRI Provisioning


B8ZS B8ZS is an abbreviation for bipolar with eight-zero substitution.
A method of line coding used in the T-carrier system which allows full 64 kbit/s per second per channel.
ESF T-1 carrier framing format that provides 64kb clear channel capability, error checking, 16-state signaling, and other data transmission features.
ISDN Protocol Digital network with higher speed than found on the traditional telephone network.
Even though ISDN uses existing phone lines, it does require specialized equipment.
Because the network is all digital it can easily send voice, data, and video over the same line simultaneously.
Can be 5ESS or NI2 or 4ESS or DMS ESS - Electronic Switching System. One of AT&T/Lucent's family of stored, program-controlled (SPC) central office switches, including the 4ESS and 5ESS switches.
NI2- Common switch or router protocol used by major telecom companies.