SEP up to 20 Agents- SIP

Dialer Server

CPU – Core i5 2.8+ GHz 6th Gen
RAM – 16 GB or higher
NIC Card – 100/1000 (2nd card needed if integrating to SIP PBX and Carrier separately.)
Hard Drive – 100+ GB free space
OS – Windows Server 2012 or higher
SQL – Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012 Standard Edition
For 10GB file sizes and over, must run SQL on separate server
No Laptops

SQL Server (Max 60 outbound ports)

CPU – Intel Core i5+
RAM – 8 GB or higher
NIC Card – 10/100 Hard Drive – 100 GB 

Agent Workstations

Minimum Requirements - Additional applications on agent station may degrade system performance.

Intel Core i3 Processor or higher  
Windows 7 Pro or higher
4GB RAM or higher
NIC Card 100/1000
Hard Drive – 40+ GB free space
.Net 3.5 SP1 & .Net 4.6.2 (free download at )
Agent screen resolution min – 1024 x 768
Manager screen resolution min – 1280 x 1024


USB Headset with softphone software (i.e.,Zoiper- free download)
Or, Integrate to IP Phone System

SIP Trunks

100kbps dedicated Bandwidth up and down per line (not DSL) One Static IP Address


The dialer will require a business-class router and managed switches for the network. A good example is a Cisco 1900 series router or better and Small Business 200 or 300 series switch. If agents are logging in from a remote location outside of the internal network, a VPN will be necessary from the dialer server.

* The above recommendations are based on a standard 2 line per agent ratio. Additional lines or features may require different hardware specifications.